The techniques taught

Atelier 2Bis is intended to enable you to learn and practice engraving on request. The techniques used are:
The techniques used are:

I - Intaglio or etching:: it refers to all paper prints resulting from intaglio on a zinc metal plate

a) direct to plate technique (without using acid): the metal sheet is worked on using a dry point

b) indirect technique or acid: the metal sheet is etched on using acid:

Step 1 metal plate

1) The metal plate is varnished and then dried

Step 2 Using fine or coarse tip

2) Once dried, the illustration is created on the metal plate using a coarse or fine point

Step 3 The edges are beveled

3) The metal plate is immersed in an acid solution which attacks those surfaces not covered with varnish. The coating is cleaned and the edges of the plate are bevelled

Step 4 Tarlatan

4) The metal plate is inked using tarlatan

Step 5 The printing process

5) Printing the illustration using a press

Step 6 Drying

6) The print is dried and flattened

II - Engraving or relief printing: the relief print makes an impression on the paper. The illustration is carried out using gouges. The support is inked before printing. When printing, the recessed areas remain white, thus creating the form of the print


Xylography: the support is an engraved wooden board


Linocut: the engraved support is a soft material: linoleum